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Sdlball Version imprimable

SdlballSDL-Ball is a brickbreaking game with great graphics and robust gameplay in the spirit of breakout and dx-ball.

The objective of the SDL-Ball game is to control your paddle/bat in the bottom of the screen to direct balls in a way so they hit bricks that will then break.
When all bricks have been broken, the game advances to the next level.
Underway, the player can recieve or buy several powerups to aid the completion of levels.

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GYachE Version imprimable

GYachEYahoo Messenger client, implementing a majority of YM functionality, including: Photosharing, voice (in chat rooms), highly customizable UI, lots of "eye candy" and "ear candy", support for *ALL* linux supported webcams.

Support to view chatter's webcam. Recent addition of spell checking.  Pidgin is the closest thing to this project. Pidgin does a lot of IM protocols, but has a plainish UI interface.

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VilloNanny Version imprimable

VillonannyVilloNanny is a Travian bot, a program that plays the Travian browser game on behalf of the user. It can make players' life better by letting them detach from this highly addictive game.

VilloNanny is written in Java and it is based on the concept of "strategies", which are plugins that can be configured via an xml configuration file.

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Freedroid Version imprimable
freedroidFreedroidRPG est un jeu de rôle libre en 3D isométrique, de science fiction. Le jeu est à un stadede développement très avancé.
FreedroidRPG fournit une ambiance immersive grâce à des graphismes et des musiques raffinés. En plus des phases d'action "hack'n'slash", se trouvent des dialogues avec de nombreux personnages.
Ces dialogues racontent l'histoire du jeu et permettent au joueur de prendre des décisions sur son
personnage.Le joueur peut se battre avec des armes de corps-à-corps ou à distance, prendre le contrôle de ses
ennemies en les piratant, ou leur faire exécuter du code à distance, tel que "Calcul de PI".
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Egoboo Version imprimable

EgobooA game that is simple, easy, free, cute and with a lot of action. Inspired by Nethack and Zelda. Everyone can contribute and easily edit the game to add new content.

Egoboo is the creation of Aaron Bishop (who was originally known only as "Programmer X"). With the help of his brother Ben Bishop, he eventually released it as open source. But soon he grew tired of the project (creating a computer game is a lot of work, you know!) and it was more or less abandoned. Hope was not lost, however! Soon, many people who were interested in the game got together to make the "Zippy Project", and the game was developed even further.

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